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About VieVS-Wiki

The new VieVS-Wiki provides an open web platform for VieVS related topics and the full VieVS documentation is maintained there. It is accessible at since July 2014.


  • Open Wiki platform - users create/edit content themselves
  • Maintain an online VieVS documentation
    • More flexible then a static paper-based form
    • Accessible from everywhere at anytime


Technical Background

  • Build on DokuWiki, a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software (
    • Bulit-in page editor
    • Support Access Control Lists (ACL) to restrict/permit page access/edditing/etc.
    • Large variety of extensions/templates provide additional functionalities
  • Runs on Linux server at the TUW GEO department

Access policy

  • Open access to the public part for everyone without registration.
    • Page editing requires login and is restriced to registered user.
  • Access to the internal part only for the VieVS members group.

VieVS-Wiki navigation

VieVS-Wiki navigation.

Current Wiki content

:!: Please feel free to register on the VieVS-Wiki and to make your own contributions by creating new pages/adding further program details and instructions/reporting errors/etc.!

Wiki syntax

  • Basically a simple markup language is used to format the page content and to create internal links to other VieVS wiki pages or external links to arbitrary web addresses (URL).
  • The built-in edit window provides a toolbar that helps users formatting their texts without remembering the exact sytax: toolbar.png
  • Using the media manager all uploaded images and other media files can be maintained.
  • To enter mathematical expressions the well documented LaTeX syntax is used.
  • Namespaces – similar to directories or folders – can be used to categorize your pages and to create a data structure within the wiki.
  • Useful links:

VieVS-Wiki features

This section introduces the available “special features” of VieVS-Wiki.

Export pages

A single Wiki page or several pages at once can be exported whether to a PDF file or to a printable HTML version.

:!: Please note, that the plugin dw2pdf, which is used to export the page content to a PDF file, needs some time for processing. The export of a single page to a PDF file can last up to several minutes. Hence, please be patient while the Wiki is working! We are working on this issue to accelerate this process.

Export single pages to PDF

Single Wiki pages can be exported to downloadable PDF files simply by clicking the Export to PDF button in the page menu on the right side of the particular page. The plugin dw2pdf provides this function.

Export multiple pages to PDF or create printable version

The bookcreator plugin allows to select some pages from the Wiki to create a PDF book or a printable HTML version. The according menu can be accessed by clicking the Add to book button on the page menu on the right side.

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