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Download VieVS via SFTP

The VieVS source code and all the required data files are provided via SFTP download. Furthermore, you can also conveniently use SFTP to synchronize your local VieVS copy with our server to get the latest data files.

  • Username: vievs
  • Port: 22
  • Authentication method: SSH public and private keys
  • Location: /_down/vievs/

We use SSH keys (public key authentication to control access to the server. Hence, you have to create a key pair and send us the public key after we confirmed you formal registration.

Create SSH key pair

Please generate a key pair using the following parameters:

  • Key type: SSH-2 RSA
  • Number of bits in a generated key: 2048
  • Please send us the public key in OpenSSH format!
  • Please set a passphrase to secure your private key!


What you need

  • An SSH client. We recommend PuTTY. It is free, easy to use and fulfills all requirements. However, it's your choice.
  • Several minutes time

Create keys with PuTTY

  1. Start the PuTTY key generator PuTTYgen.exe. This little program is part of your PuTTY installation.
  2. Generate and store a pair of a public key and a private key using the setup shown in the screenshot below.
    • PUTTYgen_screen_keyGen.png
    • Please do not forget to set a key passphrase for security reasons! You will have to enter this passphrase whenever you will use your private key to access our server.
    • Add a short description as key comment
  3. Click on Generate and follow the instructions
    • The result will look like that: PUTTYgen_screen_keyGen_2.png
  4. Send us the generated public (!) key by copying it to a text file or directly to the email
  5. Save the private key as a .ppk file by clicking the Save private key button


Use the program “ssh-keygen” to create the SSH key pair. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal on your client machine
  2. Enter: ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -C “<add your comment here>”
    • This will create 2048 bit keys, the type is “RSA” and your personal comment will be attached
  3. Just follow the instructions:
    1. Enter the filename
    2. :!: Define a PASSPHRASE! This is important for security reasons.
  4. Send us the public key per email. Attach the *.pub file or copy the key to the body of the email.

How to connect


We recommend using WinSCP. It is a convenient tool for copying over file and for synchronizing local and remote directories. Other programs will work as well.

Just create a new SFTP connection (host and user names provided above) and select the private key file which you created before. You will be asked to enter the private key passphrase during the login process.


Just install the private key on your machine. Then you will be able to access our server using the following syntax:

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