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 For more information on current research projects related to VieVS please visit the website http://​​. For more information on current research projects related to VieVS please visit the website http://​​.
-===== Announcement of the VieVS days 2019 =====+===== VieVS days 2019 =====
-This year you can get to know the Vienna VLBI and Satellite Software during the VieVS days, which will be held at TU Wien from October 15-17, 2019.+DI October 15, 9:00 - 17:00
-:!: The VieVS days replace the event formerly called VieVS User Workshop.+  * {{:VieVSdays2019_Introduction_SBoehm.pdf | Welcome + Introduction to VieVS (Sigrid Böhm)}}
-On the first day we will introduce participants to basic and advanced ​analysis ​of geodetic VLBI sessions using VieVS-VLBI, while the second day will be devoted to scheduling and simulationMatthias Schartner will demonstrate how to generate geodetic and astrometric schedules with VieSched++. For instance, he will show how to optimize Intensive and global 24h sessions, as well as create astrometric schedules. Furthermore,​ he will explain how to generate large scale Monte-Carlo simulations using the VieSched++ multi-scheduling tool together with simulations from VieVS-VLBI+  * Single session ​analysis ​(Helene Wolf) {{:​SingleSessionAnalysis_presentation.pdf | presentation }} {{:​SingleSessionAnalysis_exercise.pdf | exercise }}
-The program for October 17th is open for special topics according to participant'​s interests or presentations of VieVS users. +  ​{{:Exercise_multisession.pdf | Multi session ​analysis (Sigrid Böhm)}}
-  +
-Participation in the event is free of charge, please register via e-mail to +
-The registration e-mail should contain the following information:​ +
-  ​Name and affiliation +
-  * Do you plan to attend single or all days? +
-  * Do you have the option to bring your own notebook with the most recent version of VieVS installed (recommended) +
-  * What is your main interestAnalysis, Scheduling, ​...? +
-  * Do you have special topics or a contribution for the "​open ​session"?+
-:-We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!+  * Global solution with Vie_GLOB (global parameter adjustment) (Sigrid Böhm) {{:​VieVSdays2019_GlobalSolution_SBoehm.pdf | presentation}} {{:Exercise_GlobalSolution.pdf | exercise}} 
 +  * Intensives sessions (Johannes Böhm)
-{{:VieVSdays2019.txt| Agenda of the VieVS days 2019}} ​+MI October 16, 9:00 - 17:00
-VenueComputer Lab - DA02K202nd floor of "​Freihaus"​ in Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10.+  * Scheduling and Simulation (Matthias Schartner) {{:Geodetic_VLBI_scheduling_with_VieSched++.pdf | presentation}} {{:​scheduling_exercise.pdf | exercise}} 
 +DO October 179:00 12:00
-{{:Floorplan2EDVLab_DA02K20.pdf| Wiedner Hauptstraße 2nd floor}}+  * VGOS sessions (Markus Mikschi) ​{{:VGOS_analysis_slides.pdf | presentation}} {{:​VGOS_Analysis_handout.pdf | exercise}} 
 +  * Baseband simulator (Jakob Gruber) 
 +{{:​2019VieVSdaysGruppe.jpg | group foto}} 
 +:-) **Thanks to all participants and lecturers!** 
 ===== VieVS VLBI module on GitHub!!! ===== ===== VieVS VLBI module on GitHub!!! =====
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