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VieVS 2.3 Release

  • Release date: 2015-12-17
  • Release version: 2.3
  • Access policy: Available for all registered VieVS users
  • Resource: VieVS server, directory /VieVS/

:!: From the release date on the directory /VieVS/ on our server will contain the new VieVS version 2.3.

Availability of VieVS 2.2

:!: The previous VieVS release (2.2) will still be available until 2016-02-29 on our Server (directory /VieVS_22/ instead of /VieVS/). Afterwards it will be deleted and won't be available for the users any more. :!: Delete on 2016-04-04 :!:

Installation notes

Just download the content of the /VieVS/ directory from our server using the provided username and password. Copy all files to a local VieVS root directory of your choice. If you want to use the same installation directory as used for a previous VieVS 2.2 installation, please delete all files from 2.2 first (exceptions are listed below).

You can keep the data files in the following directories in VieVS 2.2 (they did not change):

  • /DATA/NGS/:!: If you already downloaded NGS files for VieVS 2.2 it is strongly recommended to keep them, because they are quite large!
  • /VM1/
  • /ATM/
  • /HYDLO/

Compatibility between 2.2 and 2.3

  • OPT files for VieVS 2.2 still work for 2.3
  • Outlier files are also compatible

VieVS 2.3 release notes:

Many new features and improvements - larger and smaller ones - were added to VieVS 2.2 to finally finish our new release version (VieVS 2.3). The following list provides a rough overview of the most important changes:

  • Improved and updated Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Enhanced error handling options
    • Exception handling added for running process lists. VieVS does not stop processing, if single sessions in a process list crash (GUI menu: Run/Run options⇒Advanced options). This is especially useful for handling long process lists. New process list with failed sessions for reprocessing is generated automatically (/WORK/PROCESSLIST/failed_sessions.mat)
    • Exception handling for process lists is also available for parallel processing
  • Full compatibility with the latest MATLAB versions provided
  • All required data files have been updated using the most recent data
    • Superstation file
      • New stations added
      • VTRF 2014 added
    • Supersource file
      • New sources added
    • Hydrology loading data
    • etc…
  • Improved options to analyze baseline-length repeatibilities
    • Various text output and plot option added (GUI menu: Plotting/EOP_BAS out)
  • New mean pole model (IERS 2015) added
  • Improved options for outputting EOP data to text files (GUI menu: Plotting/EOP_BAS out)
  • Estimation of global parameters with VIE_GLOB:
    • Possibility to add a priori GIA uplift rates
    • Options added for the estimation of:
      • Diurnal and subdiurnal tidal terms in polar motion and UT1
      • Pole tide Love and Shida numbers
      • Amplitudes of seasonal station variation
      • APL regression coefficients
  • Scheduling of VLBI sessions with VIE_SCHED:
    • Improved support of GSFC catalog files
    • Refined scheduling options (available via the GUI or the scheduling parameter file), e.g.:
      • Option to evenly distribute observations over sources
      • Option to adjust the weighting of specific sources
    • Function added to schedule VLBI satellite observations
      • Orbit determination based on TLE orbit datasets and SGP models
      • Many space vehicles are supported
      • Covenient scheduler interface (graphics and text-based via the Command Window)
  • Etc…
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