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VieVS Manual

The VieVS Manual section in this Wiki is currently based on the official VieVS - Version 2.2 user manual. This document is available as downloadable PDF file on the VieVS webpage in the publications section.


How to use this manual

This manual provides a brief overview of the VieVS software. If you are new to VieVS and just want to get sessions analyzed you can use the exercises provided, where you can follow the work flow step by step. If you want more details about the Software you can visit the user guide chapter.

A separate chapter provides details about diff erent data being used in VLBI analysis and how they are used in VieVS.

Some known errors and problems which might occur when using VieVS are listed in the problems sections. This section is intedet to be updated by the users, when new VieVS realated errors occure.

An introduction into Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) can be found in the VLBI fundamentals chapter.

We also provided a short Matlab crash course. If you are new to Matlab you should consider using one of the many excellent Matlab tutorials on the web, e.g. a very complete one can be found here.

Get VieVS

To download VieVS, please visit the VieVS webpage to get more information. We ask all our external users to send us a letter describing the purpose they would like to use VieVS for. You will get a username and password once you are registered which let's you access using sftp.

Get started

Once you downloaded VieVS move the whole directory to the desired destination and start Matlab. After Matalb is started make the VieVS/WORK/ directory to your Current Folder in Matlab. Typing vievs in the Command Window starts the interface of VieVS.

To run an older version of VieVS, for example 1d or 2.1, type: vievs('1d') or vievs('21'). This requires that the desired version of VieVS is installed.

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