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Scheduling and Simulation

The scheduling module works well together with the simulation module and the estimation modules. To automatically simulate your results you can simply select all modules except of Vie_glob at Run/Run options in the main VieVS GUI.


  • :!: Always simulate your schedules to achieve the best possible results
  • Simulate your results multiple times (like 50 times, 100 times, 300 times…). You can specify the number of days to be simulates in Simulation at the main VieVS GUI
  • Do not write NGS files, except you really need them. It is most of the time unnecessary. VieVS can run vie_lsm directly after the simulation. Writing NGS files is very time consuming and it uses a lot of memory. Avoid it when possible.
  • Always run all modules immediately. Select all modules (except of vie_glob) under Run/Run options to simulate your results automatically after the scheduling. This way VieVS can optimize the flowchart a lot and this saves a lot of runtime.
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