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Scheduling Analyser

The VieVS SCHED Analyzer is a tool to visually check schedules and to get some additional statistics.

You can open it vie Plotting/Scheduling from the main VieVS GUI. You can also check the checkbox open sched analyser in Scheduling/General setup to open the Sched Analyzer immediately after the schedule is finished.

:!: If you have troubles opening the Sched Analyzer via the VieVS main GUI copy the data from any DATA/SCHED/*/LEVEL5 directory in your DATA/LEVEL5 directory. If might be that the source information is missing.

If you have openend a Sched Analyzer you can open another one via the menu open new SCHED Analyser where you can browse for a .skd file or you can select any LEVEL5 directory.


Sky Coverage

At the top left you see the sky coverage of a station. Use the popup menu to change the currently viewed station. Via the radio buttons you can add information like the source name, the number of stations for each scan and the number of observations for each scan.

If you are only interested in one type of sources you can use the select plot button to display different source types.


At the top right you can select a specific time span that should be viewed. If you change the sliders the plots for the sky coverage and source overview should update. You can also set a fixed time window like for example view 60 minutes. If you than use the arrows to navigate threw the time span, or simply click in the slider, you always jump halve of the specified time length.

Overview Plot

At the bottom left you see an overview of your station network. You can use the radio buttons to display the baselines between the stations or the station id.

It is possible to use the popup menu to change this plot to a source overview plot. Here you can see all observed sources during the selected time span. You can again display additional information using the radio buttons. If the number of scans during this time span is greater than 1 two ore more values are listed for the number of stations and number of sources. These Values are separated via a comma.

You can also select a specific type of source via the select plot button like for the sky coverage.


At the bottom right you can view some types of statistics for this schedule.

general informations

This panel shows some general statistics for this schedule. If you open an SCHED Analyzer via a .skd file you get the option to specify a list of star sources here.

source based

Here some statistics for each source are displayed. You can sort this statistics via the popup menu. If you are especially interested in one or multiple sources you can check the highlight checkbox in this list. After you have checked this the source color will change to yellow in the sky coverage plot as well as in the source overview plot.

baseline based

Here some baseline based statistics are displayed, like in the .skdsum file.

station based

This panel lists some station based statistics.

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