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Overview of VIE_SCHED

Scheduling is the first step in preparation for a VLBI experiment. VIE_SCHED is a module in VieVS which helps you to prepare schedules for VLBI observing sessions automatically. VIE_SCHED is normally used for geodetic VLBI sessions.

The structure of VIE\_SCHED within VieVS.

The structure of VIE_SCHED within VieVS is shown in the Figure above. In the VieVS/CATALOGS/ directory, all input files consisting of catalog system files and local control files are located. The source code of VIE_SCHED is saved in the VieVS/COMPILE/VIE_SCHED_V30/ folder. The 'V30' indicates the version of VIE_SCHED. During the scheduling some temporary files are created and stored in the VieVS/DATA/LEVEL5/ folder, which can be used for troubleshooting when an error occurs. The output scheduling files are written into the VieVS/DATA/SCHED/ folder.

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