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Output files

The output of VIE_SCHED, can generate standard NGS files for simulation and schedule files (.skd) for real VLBI experiment, which can be found in VieVS/DATA/SCHED/ . You can create the different types of outputs by setting the options on the GUI to meet your requirements. Additionally, a summary file (skdsum.txt) can be created, it is written in the VieVS/DATA/SCHED/directory where you can get a preliminary evaluation of many aspects of the schedule.

NGS file

In the output NGS file, the delay observations are set to zero in the data cards. The VieVS simulation package (VIE_SIM) is able to read the empty NGS file directly, which provides a convenient way to connect scheduling with simulation and provides feedback on the quality of the schedule.

Schedule file

The schedule file with a .skd extension is simply an ASCII file with different labeled sections. It contains a complete description of the session, the schedule, and the additional information needed to conduct the experiment for the complete network of stations and correlators. The naming convention for IVS schedule files is 'experiment code.skd'. The experiment code is listed in the master file ( /DATA/MASTER). After you generate your schedule, you must copy the .skdfile to a central server location where the participating stations can access it electronically. The stations download the file and then run the Field System program drudg to create control files and listings for the experiment.

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