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Create Schedules

For a real VLBI experiment, the master file is the usual starting point for setting up a schedule. The master file (DATA/MASTER) is a table that lists all geodetic and astrometric sessions within the IVS. All IVS sessions have a unique experiment code associated with it. In addition to the session code, it includes the date of the session, the duration, the institution responsible for scheduling the session, the correlator, and other information.

After starting Matlab you should make the VieVS/WORK/ directory your current folder. Typing vievs in the Matlab command window starts the interface of the latest version of VieVS. After you select the Scheduling menu label on the top of the interface, the interface of VIE_SCHED appears (see Figure below).


Choose if you want to schedule autmatically or manually:

How to run

If you specified all your settings (see here) browse in the VieVS GUI to Run/Run options. In the VieVS mudules panel check Run vie_sched and uncheck all others (if you only want to make a schedule).

:!: Always specify a sub-directory for your Results! Simply add a name at the Sub-directory for (intermediate) results: box. You can than find your results under VieVS/DATA/SCHED/*your directory name*/…

To start simply click the Save + Run button at the bottom right.

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