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On this page some errors are described which might occur when using VieVS. If those do not help or if you find any other bugs or have comments, do not hesitate to contact us via or any of the developers per e-mail.

GUI cannot close

This problem usually occurs when the user changes the matlab work directory while the VieVS interface is still open. Solution: Change matlab work directory to /VLBI/WORK/ and close the GUI. If this still does not close the GUI in windows, go to Task manager and kill the matlab task.

GUI buttons remain unselectable

This problem can occur when the code does not successfully run until the enabling of the button is reached. In this case there might be a bug in the code (please, report it to the developers in Vienna), the matlab path has been changed (should always be /VLBI/WORK/ ), or the software was used a way it should not be. In the latter case, simply restart VieVS.

EOP limit

If you process a session and get an EOP limit information on the command window, there are probably no a priori EOP values of the chosen EOP series available (default EOP time series is C04 08). A solution might be either downloading the newest file from the vievs server (if your file is not up-to-date, or (usually when a very recent session is to be analysed) you might chose a different a priori model (e.g. 'finals' in Parameters - EOP).

Check for new leap second

+++ please check for new leap second TAI-UTC tai_utc.m +++

The treatment of leap second is controlled in the subroutine /VLBI/CODE/VIE_MOD/tai_utc.m . Following the latest Bulletin C from the IERS, where the announce for a leap second is published, the $mjdmax$ set with the announced date. If a session after $mjdmax$ is processed, the warning above appears. If you are sure that there was no new leap second since then, this warning can be ignored.

To solve the warning, check for an update of this routine on the VieVS server or update yourself. Therefore, check the latest Bulletin C from the IERS website. If there is no leap second announced, modify $mjdmax$ to the given date of the announcement. In the case of a leap second, add the corresponding date in mjd and the new value for the difference between TAI and UTC.

Station not in superstation file

If there is a station not in the superstation file but taking part in a session, the program will crash with this information in the command window. One solution is to add the station to the superstation file. The other solution is to use your own ASCII catalog containing the station coordinates of all stations of the session.

Source not in supersource file

If a source is not found in supersource file, it should be added there. Or the user may provide an ASCII file containing all source coordinates and select this one in Parameters - Reference frames.

Warnings by analysis of the latest sessions

Following directories have to be updated on a regular basis:

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