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Process your first session

Start VieVS

Start matlab and change the Current folder to your VieVS-WORK directory, e.g. D:/VieVS/WORK/ . Run the GUI by writing vievs in the command window and press Enter.

Load file

Go to File - Set input files, click on Browse for sessions and select your desired NGS file. The session should appear in the listbox.

Session was selected and appears in the listbox

Change output subfolder

The default parametrization can be used, but we will change the output subfolder to find the results more easily: As depicted in the Figure below, we go to Run - Run options and write e.g. myFirstSession into one subdirectory. The results will then be saved in VieVS/DATA/LEVELx/ myFirstSession/*.mat where x stands for a number (1 to 5). The estimated parameters will be saved in folder LEVEL3.

Selecting an output subfolder

Run VieVS

To start the processing, simply click on Save + Run. The processing of one session takes roughly between ten seconds and one minute, depending on the number of observations and estimated parameters. If the processing was successful, a residual plot should appear, similar to the plot in the Fig. below.

Automatic residual plot of the last session in the current processing

The estimated parameters are saved in a matlab binary file in VieVS/DATA/LEVEL3/ subfolder/x_sessionname, e.g. VieVS/DATA/LEVEL3/myFirstSession/x_13FEB25XA_N004.mat. More information about the output and results can be found in Chapters Output and the plotting tool.

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