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:!: Screenshots from VieVS Version 2.1.

Estimated parameters can be visualized in Plotting - Parameters. The user has to select the output subfolder which is chosen by the user in Run - Run options next to 'one subdirectory'. If no output subfolder was given, chose '/' as subfolder. Clicking the button Load loads all relevant information from that subfolder to the Matlab workspace.

If more than one session is available in the output subfolder, the user can select if the parameters from only one or all sessions are to be shown. If only one session is available, there is no difference between One session and All sessions. Up to three solutions ca be visualized as shown below:

Visualized parameters: Zenith wet delays for three stations on February 25th 2013

The values shown in the plot window can also be written to an ASCII file by clicking the button Save values as…. A screenshot of such a textfile is shown below:

Screenshot of ASCII output of parameter values

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