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 ===== Workshop Program ===== ===== Workshop Program =====
 +The workshop program is available as PDF:​{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Program of the 9th VieVS User Workshop_v2.pdf|}} ​
 ==== September 11 and 12 ==== ==== September 11 and 12 ====
 At the workshop the VieVS 3.1 software will be introduced to the participants. The program consists of both, presentations about various VieVS features, as well as hands-on computer exercises. At the workshop the VieVS 3.1 software will be introduced to the participants. The program consists of both, presentations about various VieVS features, as well as hands-on computer exercises.
-Tuesday, 12.9.2017 +**Tuesday, 12.9.2017** 
-Introduction to VLBI - a Vienna perspective (Johannes Böhm) +  * Welcome (Andreas Hellerschmied) 
-Introduction to VieVS 3.0 (Hana Krasna+  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​JBoehm_VLBI_Introduction.pdf|Introduction to VLBI - a Vienna perspective}} (Johannes Böhm) 
-Demonstration of processing with VieVS – simple session ​(Daniel Landskron+  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​SBoehm_Introduction.pdf|Introduction to VieVS}} (Sigrid Böhm
-Introduction to the VieVS core modules +  ​* ​Demonstration of processing with VieVS (Andreas Hellerschmied)  
-        ​Vie_INIT ​V3.0 (Daniel Landskron+  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Hellerschmied_VIE_INIT.pdf|Vie_INIT}} (Andreas Hellerschmied
-        ​Vie_MOD V3.(Andreas Hellerschmied) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Hellerschmied_VIE_MOD.pdf|Vie_MOD}} ​(Andreas Hellerschmied) 
-        ​Vie_LSM V3.(Kamil Teke) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Teke_VIE_LSM.pdf|Vie_LSM}} ​(Kamil Teke) 
-        ​Vie_SETUP V3.0 (Anastasiia Girdiuk) +  * Single session analysis ​(Daniel Landskron({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Landskron_Single Session Analysis.pdf|talk}}{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Landskron_Exercise Sheet for Single Session Analysis.pdf|exercise}}
-            show single session output in detail +  * Multi session analysis ​(David Mayer) ({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Mayer_exercise_multi_session_analysis.pdf|exercise}})
-    Creation of special files, OPT‐files,​ detecting and solving problems, ​talk + exercise (David Mayer) +
-    Superstation and supersource files – What to do if a new station appearsnew source is observed, etc(exercise) (Hana Krasna+
-    EOP and baseline length repeatability output, talk + exercise ​(Anastasiia Girdiuk) +
-    vgosDB files - demonstration ​(Jakob Franz Gruber)+
-Wednesday, 13.9.2017 
-    VieVS extensions:​ +**Wednesday13.9.2017**
-        Vie_SCHED V3.0talk + exercise (Matthias Schartner) +
-        Vie_SIM V3.0, talk + exercise (Matthias Schartner) +
-        Vie_GLOB V3.0, talk + exercise (global adjustment) (Hana Krasna) +
-    Estimating a Celestial Reference Frame, talk (David Mayer) +
-    Scheduling to observations to satellites with VieVS, talk + demonstration (Andreas Hellerschmied) +
-    Planned future development of VieVS (Johannes Böhm) +
-    Plans for SLR features in VieVS (Janina Boisits) +
-    From correlation to VieVS (Jakob Franz Gruber)+
 +  * Global solution with Vie_GLOB (global parameter adjustment) (David Mayer) ({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Mayer_VieVS31_VieGlob.pdf|talk}},​ {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Mayer_VieVS31_VieGlob_exercisesheet.pdf|exercise}})
 +  * Scheduling with VieSched++ (scheduling of VLBI sessions) (Matthias Schartner) ({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_scheduling.pdf|talk}},​ {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_scheduling_exercise.pdf|exercise}})
 +  * Simulations with Vie_SIM + exercise (simulation and analysis) (Matthias Schartner) ({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_simulating.pdf|talk}},​ {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_simulation_exercise.pdf|exercise}})
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​SBoehm_Superstation.pdf|Superstation and supersource files}} – What to do if a new station appears, a new source is observed, etc. (exercise) (Sigrid Böhm)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Hellerschmied_Satellite_Obs_in_Vievs.pdf|Handling of satellite observations with VieVS}} (talk) (Andreas Hellerschmied)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Landskron_RayTracing.pdf|Ray tracing}} (talk) (Daniel Landskron)
 +  * Intensives sessions ({{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_intensives_talk.pdf|talk}},​ {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Schartner_intensives_exercise.pdf|exercise}}) (Matthias Schartner)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Gruber_pcprocessing.pdf|From correlation on the Vienna Scientific Cluster to VieVS}} (Jakob Gruber) ​
 +  * Future VLBI activities in Vienna (Johannes Böhm)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​SBoehm_Future_plans.pdf|Planned future development of VieVS}} (Sigrid Böhm) ​
 +==== September 13 ====
- +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Gruber ​the quest for the|Correlation and fringe fitting demonstration}} ​(Jakob Gruber)
-==== September 13 ==== +
-Jakob Gruber ​will demonstrate how to correlate a VLBI session using DiFX on the Vienna Scientific Cluster 3 (VSC-3). Feel free to join!+
-The preliminary workshop program is available as here (PDF):​{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2018:​Program of the 9th VieVS User Workshop_v2.pdf|}} ​ 
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