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Sixth VieVS User-Workshop (September 23-24, 2015)

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The 6th VieVS User Workshop was held at the TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) from September 23 to 24, 2015 (Wednesday - Thursday).

Workshop Program

Here we provide all lecture slides and handouts.

Wednesday, 23.9.2015

  • Introduction into VLBI analysis (Johannes Böhm)
  • Introduction to VieVS 2.2 (Sigrid Böhm)
  • Demonstration of processing with VieVS – simple session (Johannes Böhm)
  • Vie_INIT V2.2 (Younghee Kwak)
  • Vie_MOD V2.2 (Andreas Hellerschmied)
  • Vie_LSM V2.2 (part 1: basics) (Kamil Teke)
  • Vie_SETUP V2.2 (Plotting tools and data output)(Matthias Madzak)
    • Talk& Exercise
  • Creation of special files, OPT‐files, detecting and solving problems (Daniel Landskron)
    • Talk & Exercise
  • Superstation and supersource files – What to do if a new station appears, Earthquake occurs, new source is observed, etc. (exercise) (Matthias Madzak)
  • Processing intensive sessions (Armin Hofmeister)
    • Talk & exercise
  • Estimation of hourly ERP (Anastasiia Girdiuk)
    • Talk & exercise

Thursday, 24.9.2015

  • Vie_SCHED V2.2 + exercise (David Mayer)
    • Talk & Exercise
  • Vie_SIM V2.2
    • Talk (Johannes Böhm) & Exercise (Matthias Madzak)
  • Vie_GLOB V2.2 (global adjustment) (David Mayer)
    • Talk & exercise
  • External tropospheric files (Armin Hofmeister)
  • Planned future development of VieVS (Johannes Böhm)
  • Vie_LSM V2.2 (part 2: station- and source-based parameterization) (Kamil Teke)
  • Introduction to our VieVS‐Wiki (Andreas Hellerschmied)

Information for participants

Workshop program

The workshop program is available here (PDF): 6th VieVS Workshop 2015 - program.pdf


The workshop will take place at Technische Universität Wien, Gusshausstraße 27-29. Meeting point on Sept. 23 is the EDV laboratory (room CA 03 34) on the 3rd floor next to stairway 2.

Google maps link: klick!


For the practical VieVS exercises you will need a computer with MATLAB installed.

Will can provide a computer for each participant. If you prefer to use your own notebook this is also possible.

:!: Please tell us by no later than September 12 2015, if you will bring your own notebook, or if we have to provide a computer for you! (mail to:

For the notebook users:

  • We will provide the VieVS program and the required data on USB drives.
  • Internet access via Wifi will be provided
  • System requirements for VieVS
    • MATLAB (R2008a or later)
    • Should work with any operating system ablt to run MATLAB (tested on Windows and Linux)
    • About one GB of disc space
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