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  ​[[public:​user_workshop:​user_workshop|<​= back]]  ​[[public:​user_workshop:​user_workshop|<​= back]]
-The 6th VieVS User Workshop will be held at the TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) from September 23 to 24, 2015 (Wednesday - Thursday) with the possibillity to extend your stay until Friday for further discussions. 
-We will start on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 9:00 am. 
-At the workshop the VieVS software will be introduced to the participants. The program will consist of bothpresentations about various VieVS featuresas well as practical computer exercises, similar to [[public:​user_workshop:​2014:​user_workshop_2014|last year's workshop]].+The 6th VieVS User Workshop was held at the TU Wien (ViennaAustria) from September 23 to 242015 (Wednesday - Thursday).
-Computers for the practical part will be provided for the participants,​ but you can also bring your own notebook with MATLAB installed, if you prefer. 
-The workshop participation is free of charge.+{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_group_photo_small_low res.jpg?700|}}
-Please register from now on until August 31, 2015 via email to [[]]+===== Workshop Program =====
 +At the workshop the VieVS 2.2 software was introduced to the participants. The program consisted of both, presentations about various VieVS features, as well as practical computer exercises.
-The Vienna VLBI group is looking forward to seeing you in September!+The workshop program ​is available as {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​6th VieVS Workshop 2015 - program.pdf|PDF file}}.
-====== Workshop Program ======+In the following sub-sections we provide all lecture slides and handouts.
 +==== Wednesday, 23.9.2015 ====
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VLBI_introduction_JBoehm.pdf|Introduction into VLBI analysis}} (Johannes Böhm)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieVS_Introduction_SBoehm.pdf|Introduction to VieVS 2.2}} (Sigrid Böhm)
 +  * Demonstration of processing with VieVS – simple session (Johannes Böhm)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_vie_init_Kwak.pdf|Vie_INIT V2.2}} (Younghee Kwak)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieMod_Hellerschmied.pdf|Vie_MOD V2.2}} (Andreas Hellerschmied)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Vie_LSM_part1_Teke.pdf|Vie_LSM V2.2}} (part 1: basics) (Kamil Teke)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_vie_setup_Madzak.pdf|Vie_SETUP V2.2}} (Plotting tools and data output)(Matthias Madzak)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Special files, OPT-file and Problems_Landskron.pdf|Creation of special files, OPT‐files,​ detecting and solving problems}} (Daniel Landskron)
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_superstation_Madzak.pdf|Superstation and supersource files}} – What to do if a new station appears, Earthquake occurs, new source is observed, etc. (exercise) (Matthias Madzak)
 +  * Processing intensive sessions (Armin Hofmeister)
 +    * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieVS_Intensives_Hofmeister.pdf|Talk}} & {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Intensives_exercise_Hofmeister.pdf|exercise}} ​
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS_2015_estimation_of_ERP_Girdiuk.pdf|Estimation of hourly ERP}} (Anastasiia Girdiuk)
 +==== Thursday, 24.9.2015 ====
-====== Information for participants ======+  * Vie_SCHED V2.2(David Mayer) 
 +    * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieSched_Mayer.pdf|Talk}} & {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Scheduling_exercise_Mayer.pdf|Exercise}}  
 +  * Vie_SIM V2.2 
 +    * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Vie_SIM_JBoehm.pdf|Talk}} (Johannes Böhm) & Exercise (Matthias Madzak) 
 +  * Vie_GLOB V2.2 (global adjustment) (David Mayer) 
 +    * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieGlob_Mayer.pdf|Talk}} & {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Global Solution exercise_Mayer.pdf|exercise}}  
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_External_tropospheric_files_Hofmeister.pdf|External tropospheric files}} (Armin Hofmeister) 
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Outlook_JBoehm.pdf|Planned future development of VieVS}} (Johannes Böhm) 
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_Vie_LSM_part2_Teke.pdf|Vie_LSM V2.2}} (part 2: station- and source-based parameterization) (Kamil Teke) 
 +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​WS2015_VieVS Wiki_Hellerschmied.pdf|Introduction to our VieVS‐Wiki}} (Andreas Hellerschmied)
 +====== Information for participants ======
-===== Workshop program ===== 
-The preliminary workshop program is available here: 
-{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2015:​6th VieVS Workshop 2015 - program.pdf|}} 
 ===== Venue ===== ===== Venue =====
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