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 ===== Presentations ===== ===== Presentations =====
-Welcome (Hana Krásná) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_welcome_krasna.pdf|Welcome}} (Hana Krásná) 
-Introduction to VLBI analysis (Johannes Böhm) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_analysis_jboehm.pdf|Introduction to VLBI analysis}} (Johannes Böhm) 
-Introduction to VieVS 2.2 (Hana Krásná) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_introduction_krasna.pdf|Introduction to VieVS 2.2}} (Hana Krásná) 
-Demonstration of processing with VieVS - simple session (Johannes Böhm) +  ​* ​Demonstration of processing with VieVS - simple session (Johannes Böhm) 
-Vie_Setup V2.2 (Matthias Madzak) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_viesetup_madzak.pdf|Vie_Setup V2.2}} (Matthias Madzak) 
-Vie_Init V2.2 (Younghee Kwak) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_vieinit_kwak.pdf|Vie_Init V2.2}} (Younghee Kwak) 
-Vie_Mod V2.2 (Hana Krásná) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_viemod_krasna.pdf|Vie_Mod V2.2}} (Hana Krásná) 
-Vie_LSM V2.2 (Kamil Teke) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_vielsm_teke.pdf|Vie_LSM V2.2}} (Kamil Teke) 
-Creation of special files (Younghee Kwak) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_special_kwak.pdf|Creation of special files}} (Younghee Kwak) 
-Processing Intensive sessions (Armin Hofmeister) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_intensives_hofmeister.pdf|Processing Intensive sessions}} (Armin Hofmeister) 
-Superstation and supersource files (Matthias Madzak) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_superstation_madzak.pdf|Superstation and supersource files}} (Matthias Madzak) 
-Vie_Sched V2.2 (David Mayer) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_viesched_mayer.pdf|Vie_Sched V2.2}} (David Mayer) 
-Vie_Sim V2.2 (Stas Shabala) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​vie_sim_14_newtemplate.pdf|Vie_Sim V2.2}} (Stas Shabala) 
-Vie_Glob V2.2 (Hana Krásná) +  ​* ​Vie_Glob V2.2 (Hana Krásná) 
-Introductory talk to extragalactic radio sources (Stas Shabala) +  ​* ​Introductory talk to extragalactic radio sources (Stas Shabala) 
-Scheduling of satellite VLBI sessions (Andreas Hellerschmied) +  ​* ​Scheduling of satellite VLBI sessions (Andreas Hellerschmied) 
-External tropospheric files (Armin Hofmeister) +  ​* ​External tropospheric files (Armin Hofmeister) 
-Global VLBI-GPS hybrid observations (Younghee Kwak) +  ​* ​Global VLBI-GPS hybrid observations (Younghee Kwak) 
-Planned future developments of VieVS (Johannes Böhm)+  ​* ​Planned future developments of VieVS (Johannes Böhm)
 ===== Exercises ===== ===== Exercises =====
-Processing of a session with a clock break (Daniel Landskron) +  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_clockbreak_landskron.pdf|Processing of a session with a clock break}} (Daniel Landskron) 
-{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_intensives_ex_hofmeister.pdf|Processing Intensive sessions}} (Armin Hofmeister) +  ​* ​{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_intensives_ex_hofmeister.pdf|Processing Intensive sessions}} (Armin Hofmeister) 
-{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_vieglob_ex_krasna.pdf|Scheduling - simulation - analysis - global solution}} (Hana Krásná) +  ​* ​{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_vieglob_ex_krasna.pdf|Scheduling - simulation - analysis - global solution}} (Hana Krásná) 
-{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_superstation_ex_madzak.pdf|Superstation and supersource files}} (Matthias Madzak) +  ​* ​{{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_superstation_ex_madzak.pdf|Superstation and supersource files}} (Matthias Madzak) 
-VieVS Wiki (Andreas Hellerschmied)+  * {{:​public:​user_workshop:​2014:​ws14_wiki_hellerschmied.pdf|VieVS Wiki}} (Andreas Hellerschmied)
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