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Eighth VieVS User-Workshop (September 12-13, 2017)

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The 8th VieVS User Workshop will be held at the TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) from September 12 to 13, 2017 (Tuesday to Wednesday) with the option to stay until Thursday for further discussions.

Preliminary Workshop Program

At the workshop the VieVS 3.0 software will be introduced to the participants. The program consists of both, presentations about various VieVS features, as well as hands-on computer exercises.

The final workshop program will be available end of August 2017.

Tuesday, 12.9.2017

  • Introduction to VLBI (Johannes Böhm)
  • Introduction to VieVS 3.0 (Hana Krasna)
  • Demonstration of processing with VieVS – simple session (Daniel Landskron)
  • Introduction to the VieVS core modules
    • Vie_INIT V3.0 (Daniel Landskron)
    • Vie_MOD V3.0 (Andreas Hellerschmied)
    • Vie_LSM V3.0 (Kamil Teke)
    • Vie_SETUP V3.0 (Plotting tools and data output) (Anastasiia Girdiuk)
      • show single session output in detail
  • Creation of special files, OPT‐files, detecting and solving problems, talk + exercise (David Mayer)
  • Superstation and supersource files – What to do if a new station appears, new source is observed, etc. (exercise) (Hana Krasna)
  • EOP and baseline length repeatability output, talk + exercise (Anastasiia Girdiuk)
  • vgosDB files - demonstration (Jakob Franz Gruber)

Wednesday, 13.9.2017

  • VieVS extensions:
    • Vie_SCHED V3.0, talk + exercise (Matthias Schartner)
    • Vie_SIM V3.0, talk + exercise (Matthias Schartner)
    • Vie_GLOB V3.0, talk + exercise (global adjustment) (Hana Krasna)
  • Estimating a Celestial Reference Frame, talk (David Mayer)
  • Scheduling to observations to satellites with VieVS, talk + demonstration (Andreas Hellerschmied)
  • Planned future development of VieVS (Johannes Böhm)
  • Plans for SLR features in VieVS (Janina Boisits)
  • From correlation to VieVS (Jakob Franz Gruber)

Information for participants


The workshop will take place at Technische Universität Wien, Gußhausstraße 27-29. Meeting point on September 12 is the EDV laboratory (room CA 03 34) on the 3rd floor next to stairway 2.

Google maps link: klick!


For the practical VieVS exercises you will need a computer with MATLAB installed.

We will provide computers for all participants, with the option to use your own notebook, if you prefer.

For the notebook users:

  • We will provide the VieVS program and the required data on USB drives.
  • Internet access via Wifi will be available
  • System requirements for VieVS
    • Recent MATLAB version
    • Should work with any operating system able to run MATLAB (tested on Windows and Linux)
    • About one GB of disc space

Organizing committee

The workshop is organized by:

  • Andreas Hellerschmied (
  • Johannes Böhm (
  • Hana Krasna (

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or wishes!

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