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How to get VieVS


If you want to have access to VieVS, take a look at the requirements for external users (terms.pdf) and send a letter to Johannes Böhm where you describe for which purposes you would like to have access to VieVS. You can use this template (application.doc).


The VieVS source code and all required data files are provided on a ftp server. How to access our server and download VieVS is described here:

As soon as you are able to access our ftp server, follow the instructions in the install.txt file. Or just download the whole VieVS directory (or subdirectories when updating).

Starting VieVS: Start vievs.m in the VieVS/WORK/ directory. Have fun!

Update VieVS

Once you are registered and you have access to our ftp server ( you will be able to updated your local VieVS installation by downloading the required files. A convenient way to keep you local VieVS installation up to date is by simply synchronizing your local VieVS root directory with the VieVS repository on our server.

The following directories are updated regularly:

  • /VieVS/DATA/NGS/
  • /VieVS/ATM/
  • /VieVS/VM1/
  • /VieVS/EOP/

The files supersource and superstation files are also updated occasionally to add new sources and stations.

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